chemical toilet hire

A chemical toilet is a self-contained portable toilet that uses chemicals to minimize odors. These are often mounted on a large trailer or converted shipping container and feature a number of amenities. They are a popular choice for temporary restrooms, construction sites and large events such as weddings and movie shoots.

The Best Of The Rest

Modern portable chemical toilets use a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to minimize odour. These include microbial and enzymatic agents which reduce odor by accelerating digestion of waste, without relying on toxic additives or concealing it with fragrances alone.

The Biggest Mistakes

A good portable chemical toilet should be able to stand up to regular use and frequent cleaning. This is aided by the presence of a tank which can be emptied frequently to keep the unit in top working order.

The hygienic way to clean a chemical toilet is with a heavy duty bacterial spray combined with a high-pressure hot water wash. This not only cleans the unit but also aids in killing bacteria.

Another way to clean a chemical toilet is with an effective deodorizer. The best deodorizers are usually liquid or in the form of a deodoriser tablet. These can be pre-measured and can also be conveniently dispensed in the toilet tank when you leave it there to liquefy and kill any germs that might have accumulated.

The best chemical toilets will also have a full hand soap dispenser and 2 rolls of toilet paper so that users can always be on their feet, when they need to be.

Maria Mosemi
Author: Maria Mosemi